10 April 2014…..what happened next

A familiar face…..MY SUPERMAN HUSBAND…..stood opposite me, as white as a ghost. ” DROP THE BAGS NOW, AND COME AND HELP ME”.  He did just that, he got the ball rolling, someone then phoned for the ambulance, and police.  A woman let me lean on her, and a man in an orange work coat came with a towel and put it on my leg…..MY LEG…..ITS STILL ATTACHED.

I was screaming at the passenger of the car who was directly facing me to take his belt off to use as a tourniquet….which i must add…..HE DID NOT DO.  Instead he just stood saying they were sorry in some pathetic tone.  Some kind person in the growing crowd took his belt off, and hubby got it around the leg.  The man in orange ( who i later found out was a friends brother) compressed the wound.  A woman ( who i later found out was a midwife from our local hospital who works with another friend) came to calm me down, and a man from the supermarket took over to let me lean on him.

i have to say a massive thank you to these kind kind people who came to help.  They helped to calm both myself and hubby down, and the midwife took control of the situation.  i’m sure she told me off at one point because i wasnt staying calm 🙂

Hang on….im supposed to be at the airport….somebody phone mum, my uncle or anyone to go and get my aunt…..shes expecting us like right now.

In this situation you would expect that i would have felt some pain…..i felt nothing.  i just felt completely confused and then angry about the situation.

Next there was sirens….the police arrived, i think it was this point i was told to remove my coat.  Still no pain….but everyone gasped….what have you done to your arm.  I looked, it was black and blue and extremely swollen…..hmmm yeah it does hurt a bit i guess.  Sat waiting for the ambulance felt like forever, even when people started saying the ambulance is coming i can hear it…..must have been minutes, but seemed like at least 30.

When the paramedics arrived i felt somewhat relieved, the pain had started to set in as i had started to calm down. They gave me plenty of gas and air, They put an inflatable thing around my leg, and blew it up. Once they got me in the ambulance, they tried to inject various drugs….but i guess all of the shock my body was in they couldnt find a vein.  What made me laugh….they literally rummaged through their drawers and whatever pain relief they could find, i took…..paracetamol, codeine, oral morphine, and more gas and air.  We couldnt set off to the hospital until my pain was under control, as it would be too painful.

I will never forget the moment the hubby got in the ambulance.  he was so white through shock….he told me he had spoken to mum and not to worry, someone was on the way to the airport, and that there was damage to my car, as well as chunks of my leg stuck to it.  Sorry to be so graphic.  The carpark was in a similar situation with blood and chunks of flesh around.

The paramedics did an amazing job of keeping me calm.  I wanted to cry so much, but no tears would come.  The journey to hospital was so quick, but so so painful.  Alls that i wanted to know was if my leg was going to fall off.

Whilst all this was happening, i didnt once see the driver, nor did she try to apologize, rumours were that her and her husband phoned their car insurance company……never thought about phoning an ambulance.  I just want to say thanks for hitting me, crushing me, dragging me, and all of your help afterwards….NOT!!!!!!!  i understand people react differently in shock, but when someone is on the floor alone and screaming for help, blood everywhere….you go and help, even if you just stand and talk to them and phone for help.


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