10th April 2014……The accident

I got out of my car, and shut the door…..pressed my key fob to lock the car and turned.

This was as far as i got, i was stood right next to my car, in the car park space.  The only way i can describe the next few seconds was the feeling of being in a whirlwind being spun, and dragged, screaming, ….not knowing what was happening, and the next second i was on the floor of the carpark in the road between two rows of parked cars.  i remember as i was being dragged i saw the female driver who was dragging me with her also screaming.  She had continued into another parked vehicle.

I was on the carpark floor, fully conscious, confused, not knowing what had just happened. My first aid head started…. Am i ok?? Can i move?? then i looked down, there was blood everywhere…but im not in pain, so why cant i move??.  Where was my leg????  PANIC…..seriously what has happened…..i couldnt figure out where my leg was…i was wearing a butterfly day dress, tights and ballerina pumps ( my new ones i had bought for my hen party only a few weeks earlier)i think it was the tights that confused me as to what was going on with my leg.  i thought ok…..i better scream for help, so i screamed like never before.  Those screams to this day haunt me….no one came….Wheres the hubby….why is no one coming to help……isn’t it obvious i need help.  so i think ok, so this is it, im bleeding a lot, no one is coming, i still dont know where my leg is,  i guess im going to just die on the carpark, i might as well just sit back and relax then.  It may sound dramatic to some but those few minutes felt like forever, and when no one is doing anything at all to help, and you cant help yourself, you literally think that this is it.


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