10th April 2014……The hospital experience

We arrive at hospital, and im taken to a bay.  Hubby With me at every step, i really dont know what i would do without this man in my life, im so glad i married him, i just feel sorry that our vows became reality so soon ( in sickness and in health and all that).

A team of AnE doctors and nurses come and surround me.  Someone cuts my tights off my legs.  Theyre asking me questions….but all i want to know is “will i make it to my wedding reception on saturday night”…..their response ” we’ll try and get you there”.  When you hear what is to come, you will know they were just trying to either shut me up, or keep me as positive as possible.

One doctor told me off…..i dont think i was answering her questions that she needed to know….i think the drugs didnt help.  They needed to take my dress off, then roll me to check my spine.  And what did they find when i did that…… My Wonderwoman Knickers!!  Always make sure you have suitable hospital knickers.  It made us all laugh, so i guess that lightened the mood.

Mum arrived, i really didnt want her to see my leg, it was such a mess….but i actually now dont remember how it looked at all.  I just remember thinking, i need to get a picture of this, and then something in my head said,…..i dont think you will want to open your phone tomorrow and see that, so i didnt…..but now i wish i had.  SICKO

I was sent for xrays……the very first time i used my new signature as a married woman….


So the diagnosis after my first xray……i had a Compound fracture to the left tib and fib…..in simple terms, i had broken both bones in my lower leg, and had a huge hole in my leg.  My arm had a lot of soft tissue damage but no broken bones.

The next big thing they wanted to do was clean the wound…..apparently this was going to be like when you clean a graze or cut but on a bigger scale.  I sent mum and paul out of the room.  The nurses asked a doctor to come and assist as my leg was apparently so unstable they didnt feel comfortable lifting it in an appropriate position.  Once it was cleaned they needed to put it in temporary plaster.  I got 30 minutes of gas and air before they would begin….that stuff is amazing.  I have to say it stung a lot, but i coped.  they plastered me up, and sent me back to xray.  Everything felt very surreal.

20141006_085215-1 20141006_085236-1

We needed to get word out about the wedding….so Hubby got the task, unfortunately the quickest way meant a facebook status, which isnt great…..as not everyone uses facebook, but i think message got out to the majority of guests.

By the time i got to the ward G4 it was about 2am….. and then i had to be checked in again.


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