10th April 2014….the lead up to one of the worst days of my life.

to anyone else this day is just another average Thursday.  For me….i had only got married one week ago…woohoo happy 1 week anniversary hubby.  We had a very intimate ceremony a few hours away from our hometown, and had opted for an extra large (300 guests) wedding reception on the 12th april back home, to be able to celebrate our marriage with everyone we love.  Due to my love of everything creative, i wanted to do as much as possible for the wedding and ceremony, which is why we had decided on a 10 day gap.

So on this thursday i had started the preparations for our dessert table….150 cake pops made, and some work to the wedding cake done.

A lot of my relatives live abroad, and so my uncle had arrived during the day from Holland, my aunt due to arrive from Germany early evening.  I wanted to be the one to collect her from the airport as i hadnt seen her for a few years.

Me and the hubby decided on the way to the airport we would quickly call at a local supermarket, i would get some petrol as he nipped in the store to collect some cat food for little copper.  So i get my petrol and went to pay….card declined – ohhhh the bank had said that my card wouldnt stop for changing my name until my new one arrived…..wrong….so i messed about with the cash point and some other accounts.  I had said to the hubby i’ll find a parking spot close to the store so he could see me on leaving the store.

This is exactly what i did, i found a parking bay at the front of the store.  Sat and waited….i was clock watching….it was 6.25pm.  people watching- the carpark was fairly busy with parked cars, not many people wandering though.  i had clocked a car at the junction opposite, they were sat at the junction for a while even though they could have gone.  I thought no more of it.  Thinking that we needed to get to the airport, and the hubby mustnt have seen the car as i had been a while at the petrol station, i thought i best go to find him…….


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