11th April….. day one of the journey

I literally had no sleep since the accident, from arriving on the ward, a nurse came to take my details,  Mum and Hubby left me, and then my mind was racing.  What had happened, how it happened, what would happen next.

They had talked of various things during my hours at AnE, frames, internal fixation, possible plastic surgery.  They told me to forget the rest of the year.

I remember thinking…..oh i better tell my manager at work, since i had been on leave and wasn’t due back until the 16th, i didnt want him finding out threw my colleagues or facebook.  So he got a middle of the night text message.  Sorry!!!  i doubt it made much sense either with the amount of drugs my body had received.

i have never stayed overnight in hospital, and had always dreaded it, but you know what, its actually not that bad.  The nurses were great, they tried to reassure me, and help me the best way they could.

Now i’m a very private person, but in hospital you have to just forget that…..you need the toilet and you cant get out of bed, the nurse has to help you.

7.30am came and another team of doctors, & nurses were at the bottom of my bed.  The consultant introduced himself, and explained they were going to try and insert an intra-medullary nail into my tibia, and secure it with screws, as well as remove any bad tissue to the area. If when they got into theatre the bone couldn’t take the nail, then i could end up with an external frame fitted.  i was the first one down to surgery….i needed to let the hubby know, i had no phone, and my telephone at the bed wasn’t working.  On the way to theatre they stopped my bed at every telephone…..the nurses station….was busy, the next office didn’t work.  Finally my last attempt was another office leading off the ward.  They had to stretch the phone cord over, for me to get a brief message to the hubby.

Down to theatre i went.

The next i knew, i was waking up in recovery, my leg felt like a ton weight, they took me back to the ward, it was about 1:30pm..  Once i came around, the nurse explained that i had a morphine pump….i could basically press a button every 5 minutes for a shot of morphine.  Also that i was being transferred to another hospital for plastic surgery ASAP.  They were waiting for a bed, but the surgeon there wanted me there by the end of the day.

I had a lot of visitors, my Aunt – so great to see her, just wish the circumstances were different.  My mum, hubby, grandma, In laws.  My Aunt took a photo of me…theres only one word….ROUGH!IMG_1975

The next few hours passed surprisingly quickly.  I chatted to the women on the bay who were all lovely, and had lots of checks from the nurse.  I was allowed to use a commode by the bed for toileting…..better than doing it in bed right…..even if it meant the nurse still had to sort my knickers out.

As the afternoon passed, the one nurse i will never forget….his name was Ian.  He came to do my regular blood pressure, oxygen levels etc, he took one look at me and disconnected the morphine.  Apparently my eyes had gone….i guess i had been making sure i got as much pain relief as possible.  He got the evil Stare from me.  DONT take the morphine away, its currently my best friend.

FInally at 11:30pm the paramedics arrived, transferred me to their ambulance bed, and took me to the next hospital.  Since the accident apart from during surgery i had still not slept….

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