12th April…..A new day….a new hospital

So this day should have been the day of our wedding reception, i should have been setting the function room up, having my hair and make up done, getting into my beautiful dress again, and having the time of my life with my family and friends.

This is how my day actual went….At 12:30am i arrived at the new hospital, and spent the next 2 hours in a room in AnE, waiting for a bed on a ward.  It was a Friday night, in Manchester, and there were a lot of drunken people around, lots of shouting.  It was actually quite unnerving being there on my own, in a very vulnerable situation with only a curtain to the room protecting me.  A doctor came to see me…..and i saw him a few times over my stay at hospital…..i think he was the plastic on call doctor.  He explained that a surgeon would come to see me once i was on a ward and would decide on the surgery as there were several options….including fitting a vacuum for a few days and then operating.

I got transferred to A5, i was in a bay with 3 other empty beds.  Like my own huge private room.  3 nurses greeted me and checked me in.  By this point i felt i’d been checked, double checked and triple checked.  Finally at about 3:30am they said they would let me sleep for 2 hours, before they would wake me for an early breakfast.  I didnt sleep….but i did get early breakfast.

8am came, and yet another team of surgeons are at the end of my bed.  They wanted to cut my bandage off to see the damage…..yeah like you will be doing that in theatre when im asleep right, because you cant possibly do that now…its going to hurt and look bad.  WRONG……the bandage came off. i looked eventually after hiding behind the blanket, but i actually dont remember that now. They explained that they would take muscle from my other thigh, but if they needed a larger muscle it would be from my back.  They would then take a skin graft from my good thigh to cover the muscle flap.

A lovely spanish nurse re-dressed my leg, and drew a heart on it and as you can see from the next photo…when you go in hospital you tend to get covered in felt tip arrows that dont tend to wash off for a while.  I did have more than those two.


so 12:30pm came, and they took me down to theatres, My lovely hubby came with me.  Once again i was told my knickers would probably be cut off in surgery because i get to have a catheter!!!! WHHHATTTT????!!!!!!!! this is just great….. surely i should be getting ready to have my hair and make up done for the wedding.

So i wake up again in recovery, and this time i actually remember them removing the tube from my throat….GAG!! Not great.

I get back to F1 ward about 7:30pm, my own private room, or should i say sauna.  My hubby and mother in law greet me.  Mum unfortunately got sick with the shock, and lost her voice and seemed to have a throat infection, so now couldnt visit for the next week.

Due to the size of the hole they had to take muscle from my back, so i had a dressing down my side from my armpit to the bottom of my ribs, with a drain coming from it to collect blood.  I had a dressing and pain where they took the skin graft ( Donor site), and a huge dressing with observation window on my poorly leg…..my leg was huge.  I had cannulas in each arm, to give me antibiotics, morphine, and fluids.  Luckily i kept the morphine pump.  I had oxygen through nose tubes.  I had a bear hugger, which i can only describe as an inflated swimming pool lilo, that is pumped with hot air. An extra radiator in the room.  A pump on my good leg for circulation, and a huge observation chart.  The room was so so hot to keep my blood vessels open to ensure the muscle in my leg would stay alive, and graft would take.  The nurses now had to check my leg every 10-15 minutes throughout the next 24 hours, and i had to drink as much water as possible.

Sleep is supposed to be a great healer, but in those conditions it is very difficult to get any sleep when your :

1. sleeping in a sauna

2. mind is racing about the accident, the wedding, what happens next, what if the muscle dies, when will i be better, when can i go home etc etc

3. the nurse comes in every 10 minutes, to take the bear hugger off, lift the observation window, feel the area of skin, poke it, look at it, use the torch to look at it, and then cover you back up….for it to happen all over again very very soon.

4. the nurse also every 30 minutes takes your blood pressure, checks your oxygen, pain levels, and not to forget….measures how much i’ve wee’d!!!!!

it was a long night

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