13th April 2014….

It was about 12:30am, and the nurse was doing her checks.  The muscle didnt feel as hot as it did on the last check.  She needed a doctor to come and look.  She says dont panic, but the only thing you do is panic, and pray!  An hour went by and the on call doctor from AnE showed up.  He checked, and made it bleed.  He was happy and said its fine.  You still panic and worry for the duration of these constant checks.

This was the first day of no operations.  And the first day i could properly have visitors.  So many family and friends had sent messages, and tried contacting, and still do now.  I have to thank everyone for this so much.

There was no change during the day, the nurses continued their strict monitoring of me and my leg.  Doctors came to see me in the morning, they were happy with my progress.  I got to have a wash.  You dont realise just how much you take things for granted until you are unable to do them.

For me to have a wash it meant 2 nurses came with the necessary soap, water and flannels.  Whilst they prepped everything, i was told to use the morphine pump a few times as this was going to hurt.  Do i really want to have a wash if its going to hurt????!!!! After moving all of my drips and drain to one side, one nurse lifted my bad leg and rolled me to one side, as the other nurse washed and dried my back, stripped that half of the bed and pushed it under me, replacing it with new sheets.  They then moved everything to the other side, and pulled the bedding through.  DId it hurt……YES!!!!

2pm came, which meant visiting time….Due to a lot of people travelling from abroad from the wedding they were due to return home….so i had visitors from Portugal, Ireland and Germany.  Very multi cultural! As visitors entered the room….they seemed to remove layers of clothes.  Welcome to my sauna! Everyone said i looked well.

My Aunt took photos of me to show mum that i looked better than when they saw me on Friday.  IMG_2011 IMG_2013

I would say i look sweatier than i did 2 days ago.

Once visiting finished, its dinner time.  Its surprising just how quick days pass in hospital….there is always something happening.  I got what someone else ordered for dinner as i missed out on ordering the previous day.  It was a sunday roast….roast pork, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.  I was left to attempt to eat this alone.  Now bearing in mind i had a tube stuck in the side of my back, tubes into my arms, i felt like id been beaten up, and could hardly move.  It was difficult.  Everything you try to do, even the simplest of tasks becomes a huge challenge.

6pm- means only one thing…..its visiting time again.  This time was my aunt, cousins, and friend.  I Laughed….they brought chocolates….not sure they will survive the sauna….and the doctor had put me on a caffeine ban.  Well at least i have something to look forward to when i’m allowed to eat them. i love chocolate.  Hubby came to every visiting session.

My nurse observations and muscle checks continued very regularly.  I think this night they went to every 20 minutes…..still no sleep.

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