16th April…

This post is going to be graphic, so for those squeamish folk, i’d skip it.  Its dressing change day, and with dressing change comes photos.  For me i like to keep a photo album so to speak of the progress of my leg.  The only photo i dont have is the one at the very start.

So due to the fact i am now actually struggling to stay awake, they decided to take my bloods.  My bloods were pretty low, so they gave me a transfusion.  I didnt realise it takes so long to take 1 unit of blood.  It took 3 hours.  I have given blood in the past, and need to thank whoever provided this for me.  I dont think im actually allowed to give blood again now because of the transfusion.

I requested that the only visitors i see now on are my hubby and mum.  Since the accident i have hardly seen the hubby, because only 2 are allowed to the bed at a time.  Its so nice seeing friends and family, as the day passes quickly, however its also equally exhausting, and since i slept through the whole of the hubbys visit, i decided it would be better that everyone visits once i’m home, when i will probably be awake and appreciate it more, since i expect a pretty long recovery.

So the surgeon came around and took the dressing down on my leg.  Once again i did my hide behind the blankets technique before getting the courage to look.  Im not the squeamish type, however this seemed to change when it was my body involved.

These photos are the first i’ve seen of my leg since the plastic surgery on the saturday…

20140416_113516 20140416_113522 20140418_084636

My thoughts- i cried.  what a mess my leg looks like.  Up close it looks like the top of a lattice cherry pie.  Due to the way they stretch the skin through a machine to cover the area, it has lots of little diamond shapes.  As you can see i also have 3 scars at the top and 3 at the bottom.  these are from where they inserted the IM rod and screws.  Mr W ( the surgeon) did his best to reassure me that it was actually looking good….i guess he knows best, because to me it just looks horrific. so he cleaned it up and re-dressed it. I have to say my leg still felt like a ton weight, when they lifted it to redress it, it hurt so much.

My brother lives in america, and so he also got a message with the photos.  He has been brilliant since the accident.  Due to the time difference, he spent a lot of my nights ( his days) messaging me, checking up on me, reassuring me, and strangely enough keeping me company from a distance.

The physio also came to see me this day, to get me bending and straightening my leg…..it hurt so much but felt so good. It hadnt been moved properly for nearly a week.

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