Monday 14th April…

so at about 3am the on call DR from AnE had to come and change the cannula in my arm, as they are not supposed to hurt and mine did.  My arm is now black and blue from the accident and all the needles.  Doesnt look great!

As im writing this blog, im looking back on messages that i have sent and received, which reminds of things that happened, since the majority of my diary has been kept on paper….Im actually 6 months post accident and now getting it into this electronic blog.

So the 14th of April, started with a text to my hubby at 12:08am basically telling him i still have bad wind!  I think it must have been a combination of operations, drugs, and not going to the toilet since the accident.  It was uncontrollable, loud, and embarrassing.  I guess the only thing you can do is laugh….otherwise you would just cry.

After another night of pretty much no sleep, i had some breakfast, and then it is time for the ward round.  Today my surgeon came to see me, and looked through the observation area.  I really like my plastic surgeon, its clear from my time i spent in hospital how much he loves his job, and cares about what he does, and how his patient is.  His treatment plan is very precise and has to be followed….but i like that, its how i work.  He was happy with my progress. He wanted to move me to a bay, as they needed the side room for someone else, and wanted to change my dressing on Wednesday.  i think this is good progress.

Before i moved, i got my daily wash down and bed change.

The bay i was put on was nice enough, there were 4 beds, and big glass windows with a garden area.  There was a lady in the bed next to me.  She had been in hospital for about 8 weeks, and had been very very ill, but was now on the way to recovering, and opposite me was Barbara.  I will never forget Barbara.  It turned out she was there for the rest of my stay.  She was about 84 years old, shouldnt have really been on the plastics ward as she hadnt come in for that, it just happened they had a bed for her.  The first 2 days here she didnt speak to me.  But she was a character as you will come to read over my future posts.  the fourth bed was empty.

During visiting today my other cousins came, i found out that one who is a police officer in the town i live, was actually on duty when the accident happened.  Apparently its the norm for cops to want the gory details of whats happened, so his colleagues explained how horrific the accident was….blood and flesh everywhere, the state of my injuries etc etc…..little did he know at this point it was me who was the victim of the accident.  My cousin a week earlier had given me away at my wedding.

Well thats another day done and dusted!

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