17th April 2014..

So today is one week post accident.

So much has happened in a week- 2 major operations at 2 different hospitals, 2 days in a sauna, 5 days under a heated lilo, lots of morphine, pain killers, and 2 blood transfusions.  Yes today i got unit number 2.

The surgeon agreed seeing as tomorrow is the start of the easter weekend, he would allow the physio to start my “leg dangling” one day earlier, so i’m not left to my own devices.

So today he wanted me to dangle my leg off the side of the bed for 5 minutes, 4 times.

The first leg dangle was pretty nasty, my leg has been elevated on a few pillows for the past week.  As soon as you let it dangle all of the blood rushes down.  It is the most peculiar feeling.  I managed about 2 minutes before it got too painful.  Try to get it back up into bed….not going to happen, lucky the physio was there to lift it back in.  The other 3 attempts i had a nurse with me, just to help with my confidence, and get me back into bed.

As i said in a previous post my surgeon is very precise.  He stipulated 5 minutes, 4 times.  not 4 minutes, not 6 minutes… 5!!!!!!

He was taking the weekend off, along with a lot of staff….physios, OT’s, and some nurses.  But he made sure if i needed the other staff to contact him about any aspect of my care they had his permission to do so.  very nice i thought.

So yesterday the lady next to me went home, she was very nice. Barbara was still opposite.  She started talking to me a little yesterday, but to be fair i slept most of it.  Today she wanted to know why i have one black foot and one white foot.  PANIC….Barbara its my DVT stocking that you see.  She also thought my hubby was my father due to his beard, which amused me somewhat. Hes clearly been too busy travelling back and fourth to the hospital to bother shaving.

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