18th April …

Happy Good Friday.

Yesterday a new lady came onto the bay, she had cellulitus up her arm, she thinks something got in her skin when gardening.  They have had to cut her hand open, and leave it that way in the bandage.  I’d say shes late 70’s.  She seemed quite anxious about being in hospital, so i tried to reassure her that its not so bad, the nurses are lovely.  There was only one nurse that i wasn’t keen on- Jackie- she only worked 2 nights per week, but just seemed quite lazy….i didn’t get my IV antibiotics done until 12:30am when she was on, and if you needed the toilet….well expect that you will still need it in 30 minutes.

So i got to have my dressing changed again today.  i have to say even though the feeling in my leg is somewhat impaired, it feels so good when your leg is free from the dressing.

I made sure i leg dangled for 5 minutes again today, 4 times.  I tried to fit it in with when hubby visited to help me.  And he could help with my knee bending exercises.

The past 2 days, i’ve started trying to wash myself now….still in bed, but the nurses are trying to let me be as independent as possible.  The only thing i cant do is my back.

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