19th april

So its easter weekend, and its really nice weather outside, luckily there is a small garden where my bay is.  Alls i want to do is go outside, go for a walk, sit in a beer garden sipping cosmopolitans, enjoying time with friends and family.  Everyone seems to have lots of plans for the weekend which is great, but its so difficult not being able to do anything, or be involved.

Ive worked my leg dangling up to 10 minutes, 4 times today….i am determined to get my crutches on Tuesday, and as soon as im safe, im free.   I’m getting used to this.  They told me to slowly swing my leg a little whilst i do it, to try to get my knee moving.  Barbara seems to think she also needs to do these exercises, and joins in.  barbara has kept me very amused, and keeps the nurses on their toes.  Shes quite unsteady on her feet and has a zimmer frame, but insists on buzzing the nurse to go to the bathroom, but not waiting for them to assist her.  Instead she jumps up and starts running with her zimmer, and then does the same coming back but challenges the nurse to a race.

The nurses let the hubby stay from 2pm to 7pm today.  the ward was quiet, only me and Barbs left as the other lady was let free this morning.  I remember this evening well for the food i had.  On the menu was absolutely nothing that sounded edible.  I chose a chickpea and potato curry with rice, concerned about how it would be since hospital food isn’t all that great.  It turned out to be the best meal so far.  I was hoping it would help with toileting, since i hadnt been since the accident properly 😦  So during hubbys visit today, Barbs threatened him to a dance off….but only once he shaved his beard. Back off Barbs! 🙂

This evening a new lady joined our crew- Mary.  She had been out posting voting cards through letter boxes, when a dog behind one bit 2 of her fingers.  She was petrified of staying in hospital, and was due to go on holiday on tuesday.  But due to it being the holidays, only 2 theatres were open for surgery, instead of the usual 5, and so only urgent cases could go down.  She amused me somewhat as she deemed her 2 fingers as a life or death situation.  As she could walk she went off finding out what everyone else had wrong with them on the ward….the men across from us….one had a axe or something thrown at his head…it missed his head and went into his leg.  She soon realised that there were people in more serious situations, and quietened down.

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