Easter Sunday

Happy Easter.  Unfortunately due to my caffeine ban no easter eggs will be passing my lips, just hospital grub, and lots of water!

The doctors came on their ward round today and didn’t want to change my dressing, even though the surgeon had stipulated it has to be done every other day.  Luckily for me, the nurses know my surgeon well and ignored the morning doctors.  I guess you learn who to listen to.

Heres what it looked like today:

20140420_112942 20140420_112946

Looks pretty disgusting to me.  All the yellow stuff is the oozing fluid that comes out.  its worse at the bottom, they tend to have to pad my dressing up on the outside at this area due to the amount of oozing, but they dont seem concerned about it.

I managed to leg dangle for 15 minutes, 4 times today…..and agreed with the nurses that when i need the toilet they would wheel me to the bathroom and put my leg up on a foot stool, just to make things a little more normal.

Mum managed to come and see me today after being unwell all week.  Ive managed to start getting a little more rest the past few days as things have started to calm down.

Mary- the lady with the bitten fingers, has now tried paying doctors to operate on her privately….to which they declined.  they have agreed to wash her fingers out and stitch her up, but wouldnt be able to do the full procedure they were wanting to as she just wants to go home, and basically signed consent for this.  So she got done at the end of the day, and got to go home.  Back to me and barbs again.

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