Welcome to my page.  Ive started writing this blog 6 months post accident, but had kept a written diary of events.  After speaking to fellow broken leggers who also blogged their recovery i thought it may be worth me giving it a shot, not only to have an electronic record of events, but to share with others the ups and downs of this rollercoaster ride, and finally to hopefully help others who are stuck in similar situations.  When theres times of uncertainty, it may help to see someone elses journey.

I have to say thank you to not only the teams of health professionals that have looked after me, but to my Husband and mum for being there day in and day out, and to the rest of my family and friends, for putting up with me, contacting me, arranging visits, and arranging to try and get me out of the house.

Im still only a fraction of the way through my journey right now, with still a long road ahead, but i know i wouldnt have made it this far without all of your help.

Hopefully at the end of this journey we will get out Wedding reception, and honeymoon….and be able to continue with the rest of our lives!!!!

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